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Honest and Loyal

"Honest and Loyal," an exhibition of new work created by ART 180 teens, opens September 2 and spotlights ART 180's most recent projects in creative expression.

Students at Bon Air Juvenile Correctional Center explored themes of morality through the hero and villain characters they created under the guidance of Lydia Baker and Miguel Carter-Fisher. Teens at ATLAS learned to trust each other to complete large-scale paintings passed from one teen to the next. The result is a series of works that evolved through several stages led by Dusty Brayshaw and Shazza Berhan.

We Won an Award!

For the second year in a row, ART 180 is a finalist for the 2016 National Arts & Humanities Youth Program Awards. It's top honors from the President's office for arts education. And boy are we honored!.

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A little about us

ART 180 gives young people the chance to express themselves through art, and to share their stories with others. We create and provide art-related programs to young people living in challenging circumstances, encouraging personal and community change through self-expression... read more about our mission, motivation and staff.